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‘Betting Bangarraju’ Movie Review

Chit Chat with Anita Galler – Telugu Cinema Actress

Anita (Anita Galler) sizzles in her knee-length black Sheath Dress. Quite a contrast to her demure looks in recently released Maro Charitra, remake of Balachander’s classic by the same name. She has been getting all the criticism for her looks in the film, but when you see in person, you would be stunned to know that she has in it her and blame for bad choice of character. Looking for roles that befit her real life persona, she talks

  • I am born and brought up in USA. My mother is Telugaite bu my father is an American. Although we live in Kansas City, every year we come to India for holidays. On one such trip, I came to know that Dil Raju’s production is looking for heroine in Maro Charitra, so I went for audition and thus I was selected for the role of Swapna.
  • since the age of 6, I have been learning Bharata Natyam and performing on stage in USA. I am dancer and love exhibiting my skills on stage. Acting came by accident. I studied Bachelors in Journalism but since I entered into films now I discontinued it.
  • Most of the people I met are talking positively about my acting but if you ask about the looks, it is director’s idea of showing me in that way. He has a particular vision and I did whatever he said. After all, actors are puppets in the hands of a director.
  • I don’t have any problem with Dil Raju but if he thinks that way I cannot comment on it. One should understand that I come from USA and brought up in western outfits. Putting me in a rustic-like character in traditional outfits, it definitely looks odd. I believe that was the problem than my ‘natural looks’. If I were shown in the way I look naturally, I would not have got such criticism. But again, they (director and producer) envisioned me in me in that role and took me. So who should be faulted?
  • I didn’t realize the magnitude of the movie when I signed it. KB’s Maro Charitra is a great film and captured romance beautifully. But times have changed and everything is different, so in the remake they tried to capture the changing times.
  • much of the movie was shot in USA and even the portions that were filmed in India are in RFC. So I hardly had to face any problem here. Moreover the production house and the team treated me so well.
  • Characters that suit me well. Roles that are light-hearted, trendy and glamorous. I would look good in regular today’s girls outfits. But I am not averse to diverse roles and am game for comic roles.
  • Looking glamourous is okay but no overdose of skin show
  • Big no. I don’t want to do them.
  • Most people tend to believe that girls who are born in USA would do all these things quite naturally but it is not true. Trust me, such things are really uncomfortable for even a girl who is born and brought up in western countries.
  • K Vishwanath’s Saptapadi. My mom used to play songs from the film in my house continuously when I was kid. I really love i.
  • Sridevi. She is the ultimate combo of great looks and peformance. She has expressive eyes and carries her body language well. In the current generation, I like Genelia for her choice of roles.

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Bhumika fights for her rights in ‘Collector Gari Bharya’.

Amod Entertainments’ Collector Gari Bharya directed by Tekula Krupakar Reddy Prakash Raj as a collector and Bhumika playing Indira, housewife and an MBA topper, The director has also written the story and penned the screenplay.

“An M.B.A gold medallist, Bhumika has an unfulfilled dream. Hailing from an agricultural family, she has a vision to guide villagers to a new financial system beneficial to them. But her father wishes otherwise. He decides to marry her off to his friend’s son Gautham, an IAS officer (played by Prakash Raj). After marriage, she is reduced to obeying the dictates of her husband. It happens in every family. The girl’s father thinks he knows what is best for his daughter and the husband thinks that he is providing every comfort she needs. In most cases, both do not bother to find out what really is in her mind. When the protagonist, after years of submission to male chauvinism, finally raises her voice, hundreds of such deprived women join her,” he explains at length the genesis of the scene being shot.

Earlier, the director had filmed a key scene on Prakash Raj, Tanikella Bharani, Babu Mohan and others at Taramati Baradari. “The venue has been converted into a secretariat housing various departments of power. Prakash Raj is an honest bureaucrat who goes by the rule book. Bharani and Babu Mohan are political consultants who can broker any deal with the powers that be. How politicians can use even a strict officer to their advantage is shown through these characters. It evokes laughter and at the same time makes one think about the present day system,” adds Krupakar Reddy.

Passion towards cinema brought him back to India after successful business ventures in Information technology and hotel industry in the U.S. “Before leaving for U.S.A, I worked as an assistant director with Dasari Narayana Rao for hits such as Bahudoorapu Batasari. As a filmmaker, I am not interested in run of the mill kind of cinema. I want to give do meaningful films besides entertaining the audience, to create awareness. I also want to prove that a low budget film can be completed and marketed successfully if one has a thorough understanding of the medium. Unfortunately, most new entrants lack such knowledge and hence the rut in the industry,” he feels.

Reddy shot his maiden venture produced by V. Vanitha Vani and A. Radhika Reddy in Vizag, Rajahmundry and Hyderabad. “We have songs in the film but when the story is happening here, how can my lead pair suddenly vanish and appear in a foreign land to sing a duet?” he asks with a mischievous grin. “I am trying to showcase reality. One can identify with the characters from my film, be it the protagonists or the politicians and other key players. The bottomline of the theme is — be it men or women, freedom is the same. There should not be any discrimination against women.”

Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao, Brahmanandam, Dharmavarapu, Venumadhav, Kondavalasa, Vizag Prasad, Malladi Raghava, Sivaparvathy and Delhi Rajeswari are in the cast. Krupakar Reddy is planning to release the audio on April 3 and the film in May.