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Atirudra Yaga at Datta Peetham

The sacred and rare Atirudra Yaga commenced today at Avadhoota Datta Peetham, Sri Ganapathy Sachchidanand Ashrama, Mysore.
More than 130 scholars from various parts of India are part of this Maha Yaga. This Yaga will be held at Datta Peetham from 12th to 22nd November 2010 in the divine presence of Parama Pujya Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji and Sri Datta Vijayananda Teertha Swamiji. The Yaga commenced at 6 am and Pujya Sri Swamiji offered the first day’s Purnahuti at 1 pm.

Significance of Atirudra Yaga at Datta Peetham

Avadhoota Datta Peetham is profoundly happy to announce the conduct of Ati Rudra Yaagam, the ultimate Ritual in the service of Lord Shiva in the holy month of Kartika. Under the sacred guidance of Jagadguru Parama Pujya Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji, more than 150 scholars will conduct the great ritual for 11 days from 12th November to 22nd November 2010, according to the eternal Vedic Traditions; enumerated by great seers Bodhayana and Aapastamba.
Yajurveda is famed for its ritualistic elegance, grandeur and details among all the Vedas. Here, Samhita occupies the vital role, in which Rudra Adhyaaya is the most significant part from the 4th Kaanda (Chapter). Although, the Rudra Adhyaaya has several divisions according to different methods, the division into 169 Mantras is the most prevalent and relevant pattern of conducting Rudra Yaaga.
In these 169 Mantras, the Omni Presence, Omni Potence, Almighty of the God is amply and vividly described. Forces of Nature such as Earth, Energy and Wind along with their derivatives are extolled as the aspects of Lord Shiva. These aspects are also referred as innumerable aspects of Rudra. Hence, this part is referred as Shata Rudreeya in Veda. Therefore, these Mantras attain their pre-eminence among the devout worshippers.
Among the methodologies of utilising the Rudra Mantras, Homa constitutes the most significant variety. Brief definition of Rudra Homa Categories:
1 Ritwik x 11 Recitations = 11 No.s = Eka Rudram
11 Ritwiks x 11 Recitations = 121 No.s = Laghu Rudram
121 Ritwiks x 11 Recitations = 1331 No.s = Maha Rudram
121 Ritwiks x 11 Recitations x 11 Days = 14, 641 No.s = Ati Rudram
According to the last mentioned method, 121 Ritwiks (Pundits), supervised by scholars called Brahma, recite Rudra Mantras and offer Aahuti (Oblation) in 11 Homa Kundas for 11 Days.
Veda Explains that Shatarudreeya Mantra Parayana/ Homa pacifies the ferocious forms of Rudra (Shiva) and stipulates the Parayana/ Homa with Vasordhaara, after the Homa with Shatarudreeya, for appeasing and pleasing the peaceful aspects of Lord Shiva, which would result in Prosperity and Well Being. Accordingly, every day Vasordhaara Mantras are chanted along with incessant flow of ghee into the Homa Kunda, after 11 Rounds of Rudra Homa.
Several ancillary methods of worship such as Mahaa Nyaasa Poorvaka Ekaadasa Rudra Abhishekam, Paarthiva Linga Archana, Veda Paarayanam, Bilwa Archanam, Naama Sankeertanam, Ashta Avadhaana Seva are conducted as part of this great Yaaga, along with Anna Daanam.
Benefits of Chanting or Listening to the Rudra Mantras for Paarayana (Stand Alone Recital), Homa and Abhisheka are very popular. Thousands of generations have benefited in the form of Betterment of Life, Piety, Health, Wealth, Alleviation of Poverty, Misery, Sorrows and Difficulties of Life, with the help of these Mantras.
It is also pertinent to mention that this Sacred Ritual is conducted on the occasion of Silver Jubilee Celebrations (25th Anniversary) of Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Veda Paathashaala (SGS Veda School). Indeed, it is a very rare and sacred opportunity for us to participate in the event, as a glimpse of the Ritual itself will result in immense merit to one and all. The patrons of the event, Sri. Krish Raman & family along with the Organisers extend a Cordial invitation to all the Aastikas (devoted souls) to be part of the Great Ritual and benefit from the great event.
Sri Guru Datta

Naacho Rrey Elimination Rounds starts

Zee telugu known for its innovative dance and singing reality shows…is back with a bang with another spectacular dance show “Naacho Rrey” in telugu television. It’s a battle to win best dancing queen of Andhra Pradesh… 12 heroines will compete to get the crown… started with introduction songs, then mass duets and last week it was heroine choice songs… all these themes are attracting viewers to watch it…. Now Naacho Rrey has reached elimination phase… now the battle to win the title is getting serious… everyone trying to outdo others and performing good dances… no one wants get eliminate… for contestants everything is at stake… there is no if’s or but’s … for them its nothing matter.. but the crown… 12 heroines and one crown…

From this week onwards…. Naacho rrey will have elimination… till now all were very sweet to each other and were very generous in giving marks… now the real battle has begun and contestants are not anymore generous… they are looking very single details of the performer… whether its dress or dance or expressions or lip sinc or group formation… everything matters… this Monday, Tuesday onwards… one of twelve girls will get elimination…. Who is that is the big question…

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