Woman delivers baby while watching " Sudigadu"movie

Hilarious comedy movies are normally rib-tickling. But ‘Sudigadu’ one such box office hit Telugu movie with the upcoming comedy-hero Allari Naresh playing the lead role had made a pregnant women effortlessly deliver a male baby right in the theatre, even as she was watching the matinee show of the movie on Wednesday.
Parimala who was due for the delivery anytime within a week, was reportedly enjoying every frame of the comedy movie in a theatre in the Palamaner town about 90 kms from here when she suddenly developed labour pain and started screaming. As it triggered commotion, the theatre management switched off the projector and made some quick arrangements to meet the emergency leading eventually to the safe arrival of a male baby. The theatre people and the audience even christened the baby as “Sudi-Naresh”.
The woman was later taken in an ‘108 Ambulance’ and seen off by the theatre owners and the movie spectators, as she headed home with her new born.

‘సుడిగాడు’ నూతన ప్రచార చిత్రాలు

ప్రేక్షకుల స్పందన చూసి ధ్రిల్ అయ్యాను : ‘సుడిగాడు’ నాయిక ‘మొనాల్ గజ్జర్’

‘సుడిగాడు’ ప్రచార ఛాయాచిత్రాలు

‘సుడిగాడు’ పాత్రికేయుల సమావేశం