Pratyusha Support’s ‘Wish Come True’ story with Actor Megapower star Ramcharan.


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Hello all,

I would like to introduce myself as Seshi, the General Manager of Pratyusha Support, Pratyusha Support is actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s NGO. We provide medical support to the underprivileged women and children and organize various campaigns related to health sector.
PFA the pictures of Ramcharan meeting little boy Rahul through Pratyusha Support’s ‘Wish Come True’ programme.

Story: Pratyusha Support fulfilled the wish of a 10 years old boy Rahul from Desire Society of meeting Ram Charan. Rahul is suffering from HIV and had wished to meet his favorite actor. His another wish of acquiring sport shoes was fulfilled by the actor himself. Ramcharan has also gifted the boy an autographed GAV T shirt, movie tickets, chocolates and has made the boy super happy.
We thank Ram Charan for his time and lovely gesture!
Other than providing medical support to the underprivileged women and children, Pratyusha Support is also actively trying to fulfill the little wishes of the unfortunate kids through ‘Wish Come True’ programme

‘హుద్ హుద్’ తుఫాను బాధితుల కోసం మెగా పవర్ స్టార్ ‘రాం చరణ్’ వితరణ

My heart goes out to the all the flood victims in Vizag and its neighboring areas… Cyclone Hudhud has left the area severely damaged, leaving the locals struggling with loss of lives, property and basics like food and water..

It’s inspiring to see Government officials taking prompt action in providing relief to the trapped victims…

I’ve taken an initiative to help in my way as I encourage everyone to do the same.. Donations could be made to the Ramakrishna Mission in Vizag and the CM’s Relief Fund.’ramcharan-hudhudhelp100004 (5) 00004 (6) 00004 (7) 00004 (9) 00004 (10) 00004 (11) 00004 (12) 00004 (13) 00004 (14) 00004 (15) 00004 (16) 00004 (17) 00004 (18) 00004 (19) 00004 (20)