‘బసంతి’ నేడే విడుదల ప్రచార చిత్రాలు

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Ace comedian ‘BRAHMANANDAM’ proud of ‘BASANTI’

Ace comedian of Tollywood Bramhanandam is proud of the way film Basanti has shaped up. This film stars his son Raja Goutham in the lead. Basanti will come to theatres on 28th February. This is not Gautham’s first film. After a couple of films, he took a gap and in this film Gautham has definitely reinvented himself, says Brahmi.

He continued informing us, “I hardly watch films these days. But I saw Basanti and felt it is riveting till the end. Very interesting point and director has handled the movie so well.”

Chaitanya Dantaloori has directed this film. His first film was Baanam which received good appreciation.  Manisharma has composed the music for this film. Brahmi is happy with the tunes scored by Mani. He also added that this is one of Mani Sharma’s best.

“If I say my son did justice to the role, it would be like a father praising his son. If you ask me how I rate him as me being artiste, I would just say he has done a competent job. He plays a middle class young student. He is quite natural. The film is hardly 2 hours 6 minutes and till the end it makes you sit without feeling bored. As an audience I say it is good movie,” concluded Brahmi.

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మహాశివరాత్రి పర్వదినాన ‘బసంతి’ విడుదల

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Megastar’s blessings for BASANTI Hero Raja Goutham.

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