The gross collections of Sudigaadu has crossed 200000 USD so far which translates into Rs. 1.11 crores. The highest sales figure for any of Allari Naresh’s film in USA so far was under 10 lacs. The initial offer that came to the producer from USA was Rs 8 lacs, but producer saw huge potential and didn’t sell it. The trailers and poster designs ensured curiosity among exhibitors and movie lovers. This has generated big interest in distributors and a new distributor has given a risky proposition and bought it for 25 lacs and share in profits of the producer there after. It has collected a gross of 100000 USD in the first three days of release. And Sudigaadu has crossed a gross of 200000 USD in two weeks. Sudigaadu has opened up market for small and medium budget entertainers. It’s a known fact that NRIs love entertainment and doesn’t mind watching films in theaters as long as they are entertaining.